The Highlight for Your Privacy: STABILO TrueColours!

Nobody reads long and complex terms and conditions on the Internet. And everyone agrees to them by consequently paying with our privacy. TrueColours highlights the critical sections in the terms and conditions in order for you to recognize these with a glance. And warns you automatically about sites, which contain policies you do not agree to.

Private Policy? Now Super Easy.


One simple click on the download button on our Homepage – and is already installed in your browser (only on Google Chrome).


TrueColours takes you with only one click to the terms and conditions and highlights the most crucial sections: Green for “noteworthy”, yellow for “questionable”, red for “critical”.


Do you want to highlight something by yourself? With one click on EDIT your cursor will turn into a STABILO highlighter …


… and you can share your highlights with all other users!

Now Available: TrueColours as an App.

The TrueColours Mobile App allows you to stay updated on the Terms & Conditions you agree to.

It highlights how critical the terms & conditions on various sites were being rated.

And have a look at the individual policies in further detail – TrueColours automatically highlights all important sections.